The growing violence inside America

The shooting in sandy hook elementary school was one of the most herendous acts, this world has seen. There won’t be a single sane person on the face of the earth who was not emotionally affected by the severity of this tragedy.This extremely violent action raises so many questions for american society; How to control the possession of arms, How to improve security on public places, How to ban weapons while saving the american culture and tradition, Why there is increasing number of the youth going insane, Do our cultural norms need to be revised, To what extent we can go to protect our people from our own. The list just goes on. These kind of events have piled up with in the last decade. If the public and authoritative forces had worked on controlling the arms, this tragedy wouldn’t have happened and the young children would still be playing in their homes. This incident will show how sensitive the american government is for their children. The educational places have become so vulnerable in a country which receives the record number of international students. The situation is getting alarming.


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